Naché Warren, the owner, designer and artist

behind Bohemian Blooms, brings the art of

flower arrangement to a higher level.

One which encompasses the ease and spontaneity

in which nature intends flowers to flow together.

Her vision is one of beauty combined with the

eternal quest for balance, which she easily and

effortlessly creates with elements derived from the

earth, be them feather, rocks, twigs, or branches.

All there in unity to showcase her creative vision.


Her background in the world of nature started early.

She was the youngest florist working for a prestigious

flower shop in Point Grey, Canada. That fundamental

stepping stone landed her other distinguished

positions at floral shops in Kerrisdale, Vancouver,

to Santa Monica, California. Each one molding her

creative talents further and further along.

She decided to immerse herself into landscaping,

working for some of the most beautiful properties in

Silverlake, Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air.

Naché had a strong talent for bringing her vision

to not only a vase, but to an expanse of land.

She knew that it was time for her to branch out,

literally and figuratively, to find where

her own passion would take her.

Naché embarked on the creation of Bohemian Blooms.

This company is Nache’s step out of the structure

of traditional floral shops. By doing so it brings you,

her client, something fresh, original, creative,

yet refined, beautiful and personal. All of her

finished products have an underlying ecological consciousness, which is evident in how she

chooses her flowers, vase, and raw materials.

As her clients have noted;

her work is truly a vision to behold.